Annual Report 2010

Due to insufficient medical facilities in the area. People do not prefer to go to the hospitals, so they
go to the doctors who are not well qualified. Sometimes instead of getting cure they get more
complications. For this HDO has medical centre in the area where people get good medicine at
very low cost. The medical centre is also providing training of Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) to
the poor and marginalized girls.


People have an opportunity to get good basic medical treatment in HOPE medical centre.
HOPE provided medical treatment to women at the time of pregnancy, of which they were unaware
and could not purchase due to the high prices.
People with eye problems were satisfied with the treatment.
TBA’s Training was giving to 110 girls during the year 2010

HDO Working Children Educational Center:-

The ratio of education is very low in the Pakistan, but extremely low in the target areas. People do
not send their children to school because of the lack of resources. They prefer their children to
work instead of getting education. Many of these children are interested to go to school but due to
poor conditions they do not get chance for it.
Therefore HDO focuses on education of those children who work in the factories and in other
units. In the “Hope Working Children Educational Center” they are given basic education to like
reading and writing. Children are taught through playful activities. So they learn to work as a team.
A change in behavior has been observed in children.


•        Created awareness among families. Now they know the value of education and are
interested in the education of their children.
•        Provided basic education to students. They learnt the basic skill of reading and writing.
•        Created confidence in students. They are able to speak and mingle with other children of
their age. They learn from the playful exercises, songs, poems and stories. The main objective of
the program is to create interest in the children and love for education and prepare them for further

Skill Development Program:-

Skill is a better way to eradicate poverty. The education ratio among women is very. There are
women who are neither uneducated but skill-less also. They remain at home doing nothing except
cooking and cleaning the house.
For this HDO is running a Beauty Parlor Training for those women who feel that they need to learn
a skill to support their families. HDO staff made them aware of the skillfulness, so they were ready.
Now these women are coming regularly to get training. Initially its duration was three months, but
now seeing interest the duration has been extended to sex months.  
Being females, they feel attraction in this field. They are getting training of massage, party and
bridle make up, hair cutting & body massage etc. After getting training from HDO, several girls are
earning respectfully and playing active role in the society.

8th March    International Women's Day :-

This year on International Women's Day, HDO conducted a program to celebrate the efforts of
women not only on international but on national & domestic level.. The topic of the program was
“Empowering Women is the empowerment of New Generation” at Community Centre, Chaman
Zar Colony, Faisalabad, 80 females (mostly working women) & 30 males participated to express
their collaboration with women on this special day. People from different walks of life participated
in the program.
Dr. Afia, Gynecologist & Women Rights Activist, Bro. Farhad Shahzad, Chairman, Jesus Ministries
were the special guests of the program.
All the speakers said that “women of  today is not an ignorant women but now she is well aware of
her rights & duties. She knows her destination. Today a women is working shoulder to shoulder
with men in all fields of life”. Therefore we need to give her all the rights and have to consider her a
full being. They said these days are very important to remember, because these occasions remind
us to speak of the equal rights.
At the end, Mrs. Nighat Babar Sahotra (Women Rights Activist) gave the answers of the questions
asked by the audiences in respect of women's rights.
After the session all the participants joined in the walk to solidarity with women globally.

Celebration of Children day:-

Children of today are the future of tomorrow. This year HDO celebrated world children day on 19th
October.  The children members of HDO in schools participate in the programs. Children were
holding banners and play cards with messages on them. Three other schools as Young scholars
high school, New Horizon primary school and Sheraz Public school warmly participate in the walk.
Some 300 students were in the programs. There were speeches at the subject “Children as the
messenger of peace”. Children from class 5th delivered speeches. It was encouragement for the
students. Children were given refreshment at the end of the program.

Interfaith Harmony and Peace building Initiative:-

HDO believes that the peace and social harmony are the primary requirement for the promotion of
tolerance, non-violence and reconciliation in the society. A role of a common person is
emphasized for the promotion of peace.
Promotion of interfaith harmony and peace building depends more upon the participation of the
people in daily life at grassroots level.   
The people who are deeply influenced to create tension and disharmony are those belonging to
the middle class.
So to eradicate disharmony HDO focused on the boys and girls school going and non-school
going children. They are given activities like making peace slogans and peace act plays.
HDO includes educated and non-educated women to start peace making program in the society.
This is because women Plays a vital for the personality development of the child at home. They are
the one to influence children positively.
‘/Women were taught the deeper meaning of the peace, inter-faith harmony and tolerance. When
women herself experiences the above-mentioned objective then she is in a position to teach her
children likewise.
In this way child not only at home but displays peace attitude in the school and in his/her social life
also. In the same way youth is also taught about the peace concepts through sports.

HIV/AIDS awareness community seminar:-

A One day Seminar on Aids Awareness was organized by HDO on December 01, 2010 in the HDO
– Faisalabad Office to create awareness and celebration of World AIDS Day 2009. 54 participants
(48 females & 6 males) of Faisalabad participated in this seminar.
Mr. Rashad Javed described the introduction of the seminar. He also shared about the World AIDS
Day, AIDS causes, its effects and methods of prevention. The following were the main contents of
the lecture:
Definition of AIDS, What is HIV? Who is a carrier? How does the virus spread? How does the virus
not spread? How to prevent the spread of AIDS? How the information can be conveyed to
everybody?  AIDS and pregnancy, AIDS and immunization, What the HIV carrier should know? How
to care and treat a person with AIDS? What the relatives should know? Role of community in
educating the people,
The chairman presented the importance of awareness about AIDS among the family and in the
community. The participants were very active and participated actively in the discussion. The
participants were also asking questions and were satisfied from the answers of the chairman
(resource person).

The participants of the training liked it very much. They told that such kind of awareness seminars
must be conducted to create and educate the marginalized community. They also suggested that
other types of awareness seminars like formal/non-formal education, child health etc, must be
conducted in the future. The participants were very happy and were very much committed to convey
this very informatic and awareness among the other groups, family members and in the

Human Rights:-

The year 2010 was with great challenges in respect of human rights. To protect the Basic Human
Rights is one of the basic sectors of HDO. Celebration of world’s human rights day was
celebrated. The struggle to protect the rights of women and children continued throughout the year.
HDO participated in the rallies organized by different organization. Awareness seminars were
conducted on minorities and labour rights.

HDO also believes that without the involvement of women in each sector of life development
process cannot be completed. For this HDO has great focused to create awareness among the
women for getting their rights and also creating awareness among the male members for the
realizing of women as equal to male.

Child rights initiatives were also the main issues during the year 2010. To stop the child labour
HDO is creating awareness among the community and the parents. For this, different seminars
were conducted for the promotion of child rights in respect of their health, education, safe
environment and personality development.  

In the summer of 2010, Pakistan endured the worst flooding in its history.  Many towns and
villages are still being evacuated as the floodwaters move downstream through Sindh and
eventually into the Arabian Sea.  As of August 23, over twenty million people have been affected,
more than four million are homeless, and eight million are in urgent need of humanitarian aid;
they lack vital supplies such as potable water and food.  Outbreaks of water-borne diseases are
imminent.  The emergency is still evolving, with continued rainfall, more areas are at high risk of
flooding. Urgent needs include shelter, food and medicine.  Recovery will take many years.

The death toll has so far been relatively low compared to other major natural disasters, but the
numbers affected are extraordinarily high," said John Holmes, the Emergency Relief Coordinator.  
He warned, “If we don’t act fast enough, many more people could die of diseases and food

Parts of the country, such as the Swat valley, recently recovering from military operations in 2009
aimed at ending Taliban domination of the area, have been utterly destroyed in the flooding. Much
of the army’s counterinsurgency effort in the area has been undone, and the local population,
which had only recently resettled after fleeing the fighting, has been displaced a second time.

Hope Development Organization, an NGO in Faisalabad, Punjab Pakistan, appeal to the world for
forty million rupees (about $470,000 US) to provide assistance to survivors of the flooding in
Pakistan.  HDO has set up a collection station in front of our main office in Faisalabad.  As soon as
we have sufficient goods and cash, we will send it to the flood victims.

HDO has experience in disaster relief.  In October of 2005, we provided aid to the earthquake
victims, and we want to use our expertise and contacts to provide similar relief for the current flood
victims.  Please view our 2005 earthquake activity.

Geography of the Flooded Areas

Provided relief Items
Clothing of various sizes
Utensils, crockery, buckets
Jerricans (large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or other liquids)
Toiletries, tissues, soaps, dettol (antibacterial cleaners), towels

Rice, sugar, flour (atta), onions, potatoes, cooking oil, tea, milk (tetra packs or powder)
safe drinking water, cooked food

Water purification tablets
Vaccines for malaria, cholera, typhoid, influenza
Pain killers including strong ones like morphine derivatives, tremadol, pethadine, kinz
Antibiotics, tetnus, amoxil, gentamycin
Cannulas, drip sets, normal saline, ringerlactate
Local anesthetics (injections)
Cotton bandages and other first-aid supplies
Surgical instruments, needle holders, forceps, tweezers
Suturing materials, Skin staples.

HDO has set up a goods collecting camp in front of our main office in Chamnan Zar Colony,
Faisalabad.  From donations received, we have distributed emergency supplies to 700 families of
flood victims in the areas of Khyber Pakhtoon Khan Province.  HDO is performing relief services in
collaboration with the Church of Pakistan, Peshawar.
HDO administration with Bishop Emeritus Sarfaraz of Peters Church of Pakistan, Peshawar.  

HDO staff and volunteers distributing emergency supplies in the Peshawar region—next six
We provided food bags, tents, water and first aid to of flood victims.

Christmas celebrations with Youth peace Club:

HDO form Youth peace club with on Punjab province level and organize Christmas get together
with Youth, community leaders Please visit the You tube link for further information.
Helping Organizing Peace & Empowerment
Award Ceramony
Skill Development
Girls Skills
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