Flooding relief activities in 2010:
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In the summer of 2010, Pakistan endured the worst flooding in its history.  Many towns and villages
are still being evacuated as the floodwaters move downstream through Sindh and eventually into
the Arabian Sea.  As of August 23, over twenty million people have been affected, more than four
million are homeless, and eight million are in urgent need of humanitarian aid; they lack vital
supplies such as potable water and food.  Outbreaks of water-borne diseases are imminent.  The
emergency is still evolving, with continued rainfall, more areas are at high risk of flooding. Urgent
needs include shelter, food and medicine.  Recovery will take many years.

The death toll has so far been relatively low compared to other major natural disasters, but the
numbers affected are extraordinarily high," said John Holmes, the Emergency Relief Coordinator.  
He warned, “If we don’t act fast enough, many more people could die of diseases and food

Parts of the country, such as the Swat valley, recently recovering from military operations in 2009
aimed at ending Taliban domination of the area, have been utterly destroyed in the flooding. Much
of the army’s counterinsurgency effort in the area has been undone, and the local population,
which had only recently resettled after fleeing the fighting, has been displaced a second time.
Hope Development Organization, an NGO in Faisalabad, Punjab Pakistan, appeal to the world for
forty million rupees (about $470,000 US) to provide assistance to survivors of the flooding in
Pakistan.  HDO has set up a collection station in front of our main office in Faisalabad.  As soon as
we have sufficient goods and cash, we will send it to the flood victims.

HDO has experience in disaster relief.  In October of 2005, we provided aid to the earthquake
victims.  Please view our 2005 earthquake activity.

Provided relief Items
Clothing of various sizes
Utensils, crockery, buckets
Jerricans (large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or other liquids)
Toiletries, tissues, soaps, dettol (antibacterial cleaners), towels

Rice, sugar, flour (atta), onions, potatoes, cooking oil, tea, milk (tetra packs or powder)
safe drinking water, cooked food

Water purification tablets
Vaccines for malaria, cholera, typhoid, influenza
Pain killers including strong ones like morphine derivatives, tremadol, pethadine, kinz
Antibiotics, tetnus, amoxil, gentamycin
Cannulas, drip sets, normal saline, ringerlactate
Local anesthetics (injections)
Cotton bandages and other first-aid supplies
Surgical instruments, needle holders, forceps, tweezers
Suturing materials, Skin staples.
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Faisalabad.  From donations received, we have distributed emergency supplies to 700 families of
flood victims in the areas of Khyber Pakhtoon Khan Province.  HDO is performing relief services in
collaboration with the Church of Pakistan, Peshawar.
HDO administration with Bishop Emeritus Sarfaraz of Peters Church of Pakistan, Peshawar.  
HDO staff and volunteers distributing emergency supplies in the Peshawar region—next six
HDO provided Four thousand food bags, tents, water and first aid to of flood victims.
Geography of the Flooded Areas
Report of Activities of Hope Development Organization done for the
Earthquake Affected Victims of NWFP - Pakistan

A devastating earthquake, measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale, hit the northern part of Pakistan on
the morning of 8th October, 2005.
The towns of Bagh, Rawalakot and Muzaffarabad have been almost destroyed and the rural areas
have suffered from terrible devastation. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected. The
devastating earthquake has hit the residents of Azad Kashmir in many ways. Unlike Muzzafarabad
and Bagh districts, the disaster has stolen shelter virtually from every single inhabitant of Similarly
the people living in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan also suffered badly. The worst hit
areas were Mansehra, Balakot, Battgram, Shangla and Kohistan. More than 100,000 people have
been killed and many more have been injured. The people have lost their houses and the
sources of livelihood. They are bewildered and are in deep trouble.
but lot of efforts are required to build awareness among the community.

Hope Development Organization is fully involved in the relief activities since the earthquake came.
The full team of Hope Development Organization worked a lot to bring out the people of NWFP
from the miserable condition and still doing by using all the means and resources in this regard.

We would like to present our activities which we have done from October 2005 to February 2007 to
bringing out the earthquake affected victims by providing relief material and medical facilities,
below please find our detail report in this regard.

Collection & Distribution of Relief Material and providing Health Facilities:

After the distressing earthquake of 8th October 2005, Hope Development Organization called the
meeting of all the staff workers and volunteers for making strategy and plan of action for doing
work in the earthquake affected areas. It was decided in the meeting that there will be two teams
in this operation. The one team will go these earthquake affected areas and will help the people
for saving their life by providing medical facility, to dig up the dead bodies and injured people from
the collapsed buildings. A team consisting of 6 members (including 2 female nurses) went to
these earthquake affected areas on 11th October 2005 along with the basic health facilities

The 2nd team consisting of 35 members including staff workers .volunteers and Chairman Hope
Development Organization decided to collect donations and relief material for the earthquake
affected victims. A total 10 collection camps were setup in the city of Faisalabad for collecting relief
material (warm cloths, food material, dry milk, drinking water, juices, kitchen utensils etc.,) and
donations from the people of Faisalabad for the earthquake affected victims..
During the 15 days campaign of collection of relief material and donations, Hope Development
Organization collected total material of worth Pak Rs. 300,000 (US $ 5,000 approximately) which
includes warm cloths, blankets, quilts, jackets, socks, food material, dry milk, juices, mineral
water canes, kitchen utensils, tool kits etc.,. The material of this first collection campaign was
handed over to the “Social Welfare Department of Pakistan” and the department gave the
The next collection campaign was continued for a period of one month. During this campaign all
the 10 camps contributed a lot and members of collecting campaign visited door to door and
office to office and person to person for collected donations in shape of cash and in kinds for the
earthquake affected vicitims of NWFP.  The total worth of the donations in cash and kinds was Pak
Rs. 450,000.00 (US $ 7,500 approximately) which was given by the generous support of the
ordinary peoples of Faisalabad, staff of Hope Development Organization and business
community of Faisalabad City. The cash donations were used for buying basic necessity things of
the earthquake affected victims, medicines and transportation charges. The whole material (relief
goods & medicines etc.,) were loaded in seven trucks from Faisalabad and a team of 15
members by leading Chairman Hope Development Organization went to earthquake affected
areas. The relief goods were distributed in four affected areas namely Balakot, Shinkiari, Jabori
and Garlat. The distribution of relief goods was completed in the period of ten days. During this
period the rest of the members started continued the collection campaign. The medicine was
also given to the medical camp of the Hope Development Organization which was working in the
Balakot since the earthquake came in these areas. The people of earthquake affected areas paid
a lot of thank to Hope Development Organization and appreciate the efforts of the Organization.
The medical camp gave the report of their activities and described that almost 2,000 earthquake
victims were provided health facilities during the period of 3 months.
Collection Campaign through Lottery System:

Hope Development Organization arranged a lottery for collecting funds for the earthquake victims
of NWFP. For this method, lottery tickets were printed and sold out @ Pak Rs. 100/- (US $ 1.67
approximately) each. A total 5000 lottery tickets were sold out during the period of one month and
in this campaign people also participated with full zeal. A total Pak Rs. 500,000.00 (US $8,333
approximately) collected from the sale of tickets and an amount of Rs. 80,000 (US $ 1,333.33
approximately) occurred in respect of expenditures and prizes. The collected amount was also
used for buying relief material and medicines for the earthquake affected areas and once again
Hope Development Organization team went to these affected areas for the distribution of relief
material to the same areas mentioned above for the rest of the remaining affected peoples.

Hope Development Organization distributed material with a systematic way. A list of deserving
people was prepared by the team of HDO through survey and people liked this method very much.
After the completion of the process of distribution the people of these affected areas gave a list of
their needs to the HDO. In which they demanded shelters (tin sheets for homes). HDO Chairman
told the community of these areas that HDO will try its best for doing this but we cannot commit for
providing shelter because at present we still did not receive any funds from National or
International Organizations. We provided relief material and medical facility only by local fund
raising. But we shall try for doing this but not promise for it.

Collection Campaign through Donations:

The collection campaign through getting donations from individuals, businessmen and
government / non-government institutions was very fruit full. The whole team including the
Chairman HDO participated with full strength and collected funds Pak Rs. 650,000 (US $ 10,833

Collection Campaign through Exhibition:

A cloth exhibition was conducted in the HDO office for collecting funds for the earthquake affected
victims of NWFP. The people participated a lot in this campaign. A lot of young boys and girls of
Colleges helped a lot for making successful of the campaign. The local community leaders and
well established people also contributed a lot and buy cloths with full interest. In this respect HDO
collected funds Pak Rs. 400,000.00 (US $ 6,666 approximately).

Collection Campaign through Musical Show:

A musical concert was conducted in the Faisalabad City for collecting funds for the earthquake
affected victims of NWFP. The people of the Faisalabad City also contributed a lot for making
successful of the Musical Show. A local drinking water company bears the expenditures of printing
of tickets and other expenditures like sound system, hall charges, banners and remuneration of
the singers. The each ticket was sold on Rs. 500/- ( US $ 8.33 approximately) and the total
amount was collected   Pak Rs. 350,000.00 (US $ 5,833 approximately) by the sale of 700 tickets.

Purchasing & Distribution of Shelters (Tin Sheets for Homes) for the earthquake affected

A total amount of Pak Rs. 1,400,000/- (US $ 23,333 approximately) was collected for funds for
providing shelters (tin sheets for homes) to the earthquake affected victims of NWFP. The amount
was used for the purchasing of shelters to the 160 families of the 4 earthquake affected areas
mentioned above. After the purchasing of shelters for 160 families the team of HDO once again
visited to these areas and distributed shelters among the needy earthquake affected victims. The
same system of distribution was repeated for providing the shelters to the needy people. In each
area 40 families were provided shelters (tin sheets for homes) and for each family there was 12
sheets provided for shelters. The people thanked a lot of the people of Faisalabad and especially
the HDO team for doing effort and providing them shelters which will prevent them from cold.